Kangoo Club DMV selects Morgan CS for design services

Kangoo Club DMV, the hot, new exercise club just arriving in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, has selected Morgan CS to provide design services for the club, including its logo. 

Kangoo Club DMV is launching it services in Spring 2017, using the unique Kangoo Jumps spring shoes to get people moving! The new club is one of many that are spreading out across the nation. Kangoo Clubs offer a fun, new way to run, jump and exercise without adding stress or strain on the joints -- especially the knees. 

Across the country thousands of men and women are joining Kangoo Clubs to enjoy the benefits of a painless workout. 

Kangoo Club DMV owner Danielle Estrada said she is looking forward to bringing fun and fitness with this entertaining new program. 

Morgan CS owner TaNoah Morgan is also excited to have a part in helping to launch Kangoo Clubs DMV with a fresh, exciting look. 

"It makes me want to jump for joy," she said. 

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