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Who we are

Morgan CS is a communications support firm that specializes in helping clients create profound connections. We offer writing, editing, photography, and production services for video, audio and publications.

Need a website for your awesome new business? Or great pics and video to make your site sing? We've got you covered.
If there's a book burning inside you, a commemorative project you need, or a new marketing campaign to develop, we'll help you publish it. From the first letter to the last printed page, Morgan CS is the team to count on.
There's beauty all over, and Morgan CS is there to capture it. Event photography, nature, commercial photography and more. 

Creativity is our passion

With more than 20 years of experience in communications, Morgan CS produces high-quality publications and products for clients throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.


We love the creative process. At Morgan CS, creativity isn't a notion, it's our passion! In everything we do, we pour in the sights, sounds, flavors and colors of everything around us, so that our projects don't just present well, they sing.

Morgan CS is a communications support firm offering consulting and services to clients in the Washington metropolitan area and around the country.

Our primary focus areas are in publication, production and photography, with special emphasis on writing and editing.

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